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African Propoor Tourism Development Centre (APTDC) relies on the generous contributions of individuals, foundations and corporations alike. We believe that philanthropy is a shared responsibility and an opportunity to make a difference in the world. We believe that all of us should have a chance to give and to receive. We see each supporter of the African Propoor Tourism Development Centre as equal partners in our global network. Therefore, unlike most nonprofit groups, we do not categorize our supporters by the amount they have donated. We hope each and every donor is reaching to the limit of her or his capacity. Our partners are as outline below;

African Pro-poor Tourism Foundation (APTF) is a fully fledged non-profit organization registered in the USA. The foundation seeks to use tourism       as a strategic tool to alleviate poverty, promote gender equality, harness community conservation and intervene in the reduction of transmission of HIV/AIDS through tourism.

APTF is guided by this slogan "Give the local community a fish and you feed them for today, teach them how to fish from the multibillion tourism industry and you feed them forever" Tourism is the world largest growing industry with no signs of slowing down in the twenty- first century.

It is humanitarian organization operating in Kenya under an Act of Parliament. We have partnered with the society since 2012 to date on the implementation of Global Fund HIV grant project titled Road Towards a HIV Free Society in Kenya, in Kajiado County, Kenya as a Sub Recipient. This grant has focused on reducing new HIV infections and reducing deaths related to HIV/AIDS in Kenya.  


The project targets Persons Living with HIV, Pregnant Mothers attending ANC, HIV Exposed Infants and General Population. For Persons Living With HIV we are providing them with care, treatment and support services outside and within health facilities. For pregnant women the objective is to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV and with this we are strengthening referrals to health services as HIV testing, ANC  at least  4 times, health facility delivery, PMTCT services for HIV positive women and postnatal.  For HEI our objective is to reduce the risk of HIV infection to them from their mothers at pregnancy, labor, delivery and breastfeeding. We do referrals, linkages, offer PMTCT services to infants through partnership with health facilities and follow up of these infants both at community and health facilities. We are currently supporting 1560 PLHIVs. To achieve the task we have been receiving funds from Kenya Red Cross Society on annual basis under contractual agreements.


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