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African Propoor Tourism Development Centre (APTDC)
relies on the generous contributions of individuals, foundations and corporations alike. We believe that philanthropy is a shared responsibility and an opportunity to make a difference in the world. We believe that all of us should have a chance to give and to receive.

Currently, We have a number of Projects for which we are fundraising for as stipulated below. Your support will go a long way in making a difference in the life of a vulnearable individual in Kenya, East Africa. The benefit associated with donating include; Certificate to show your support, Contributing to a project verified by a third Party (Global Giving) and receiving project updates.

Give/Donate to Enhance Access to clean water for 2,500 villagers in kenya
The project will install 6 water hand pumps in Tsiekuru Village. This is in addition to 7 installed in phase One & Two. 2,500 individuals plus 1,500 herds of cattle and 4,000 goats which form the prime livelihood in this arid and semi-arid region will enjoy access safe drinking water. Women will be saved from walking long distances, outbreaks of cholera will reduce and young girls will concentrate in their education. Read More....

Join a Missionary/Philanthropic Safari in Kenya
These missionary tour targets to support vulnerable individuals in rural areas in Kenya, East Africa where access to basic services and amenities are limited and in others hardly available.  The Join in missionary tours will take you on a three days missionary camp where you will work with out team in supporting locals. In addition you will have a three days safari visitin kenya premier national parks. The missionary safaris include and not limited to: Dental Missionary Safaris, Social Care Missionary Safari, Deworming Missionary Safari. Read More.


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