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Crafts & Rural Development

Crafts & Sustainable Rural Development Program is a carefully formulated non-profit initiative that is aimed at addressing the problems facing the rural and informal settlements marginalized communities especially women, namely; poverty, youth unemployment and gender inequality through the selling of African crafts (Bags, Baskets, Wood Carvings, Stone carvings, African Beaded Sandals & Jewellery.

More than 50% of Kenyans especially women live below the poverty line (CBS), crafts making is one of the best means of helping the poor societies in Kenya since it is practiced by the marginalized communities, requires little capital to kick off and the fact that the business is labour intensive and requires semi-skilled labour. Essentially, the project works with women since majority are the sole breadwinners in most rural homesteads. Most women in Kenya lack land, adequate employment in agriculture and or formal employment.

Currently, the project boosts of over 300 women and youth members who are benefiting from this small manufacturing outfit. The project uses an alternative dimension to international curio trade by promoting sustainable development for the marginalized African Curios & Crafts producers in Kenya. Crafts & Development Project's primary goal is thus to help the marginalized and disadvantaged Kenyan women and youth by advancing micro-loans, promoting producers' independence and gender equality, providing decent working conditions, increasing their production capacity and helping them to sell their curios & crafts at fair prices in the Fair Trade.

Crafts & Rurak Development Program is guided by the slogan "Give the marginalized people a fish and you feed them for today, teach them to fish and you feed them for ever". We believe that sustainable Crafts & curio trade is better than aid since it equips the vulnerable women & Youth with a sustainable means of earning their livelihood as opposed to waiting for funds which might not be forthcoming or may not be consistent.

Currently, the project is coordinating the production and the marketing of products from five centres in Kenya. Each centre is self-managed; salaries and working conditions are well above other production centres from the same sector. In excess of this members are trained on how to produce high quality products, how to save and reinvest their earnings, how to form social groups and how to improve their welfare.

Product Range
Crafts & Development Programs has a number of products as Outlined Below.
a) African Bags
b) African Maasai Sandals
c) African Akamba Wood Carving

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