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Akamba Wood Carvings

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PROACT/WC/001 Assorted Animals Sugar Spoon

These hand carved sugar spoons have animal carving handles. These spoons compliment the Pokot Sugar Dish very nicely.

They are about 7 inches long.


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PROACT/WC/002 Oval Sugar Spoons

Sturdy hand carved wooden sugar spoon oval spoon bowl and handle topped with either a Zebra, Cheetah, Gazelle, Elephant or Giraffe.

Measures 7" long with a 3/4"


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PROACT/WC/003 Bone Sugar Spoon

Hand carved bone teaspoon with batiked bone handle.

Measures - 51/2" - 6" long.


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PROACT/WC/004 Wooden Sugar Spoon with a Bone Handle

These delightful hand carved teak teaspoons have batiked bone handles.

Measures approx. 7"


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PROACT/WC/006 Elephant Salad Spoon Set

Stately Elephants parade atop this hand carved salad server set.  

Measures approx. 8''


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PROACT/WC/007 Zebra Wooden Salad Spoon

Hand carved from a single piece of wood, The handles are topped with a zebra head.  

These salad spoons are 11" long with 41/2" bowls.


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PROACT/WC/008 Wooden Salad Spoon with bone handles

The handle is made from softened bone firmly adhered to the wooden handle.

These hand carved salad servers are 11" long. The spoon is 4" across


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PROACT/WC/009 Twisted Wood Salad Spoon

Hand carved from a single piece of wood. This salad server set will bring many comments at the dinner table. Carved from ebony, the wood is marbled black and tan.

The spoons are 8" long with a 2 1/4" bowl and vary in light to dark ratio.  


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