Making Tourism Work for the Poor.....

African Pro Poor Tourism Development Centre offers a wide range of Community Development Support Programs. We contribute to National and County government’s efforts in development and improvement of communities in Health,   Environmental Conservation, Women Empowerment, Sustainable Rural Development and Pro Poor Tourism.

To be a trusted and recognized organization contributing to social-economic development in the Kenyan society.


Through partnership and involvement of community members, respond to human social economic development needs. Mobilize for resources and human capabilities to address community challenges and needs.

Contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals in health, tourism, environment, women empowerment and sustainable economic development.

Strategic Objectives

  • To contribute to ensuring good health, access to quality care and treatment and well being of community members.
  • To ensure participation of women into social economic development in the society.
  • To contribute to enhancing environmental conservation through protection and restoration of terrestrial ecosystems to improve human livelihood.
  • To ensure inclusion of communities in tourism development and benefits to alleviate poverty and promote responsible tourism.
  • To harness the spirit of volunteership by giving opportunities to individuals to voluntarily work towards development of the Kenyan society.

Strategic Plan/Policy Statement

  • To have strategies and results based on national, county and organizational specific performance objectives and indicators.
  • To streamline and strengthen the organization to have the capacity to address the increasing dilemmas in community development and improve human livelihood.
  • To achieve greater financial stability through fund mobilization to support organizational programs and enhancing donor accountability.

   Core Values

  • Contribution to the society
  • Fairness and Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Cooperation and team spirit
  • Untiring effort for improvement
  • Courtesy and Humility
  • Adaptability
  • Gratitude

Contact Us

Suite 112, 1st Floor, Uniafric House, Koinange St. P. O. Box 4293 - 00200 (City Square) Nairobi - KENYA
254-2- 2214174 CELLULAR HOTLINE: 254-722- 566725 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EAT
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